When Trust Falters: Personalized Affair Recovery Therapy

Infidelity — perhaps it’s one of the most difficult trials any relationship can face. That choking sensation, the countless questions, the incessant “whys” that play in your mind; every emotion you’re experiencing right now is valid. But what if, amidst this storm, there was a glimmer of hope?

The moment you discovered the betrayal, everything might have felt like it changed irreversibly. Yet, even in the pain, there’s potential — a potential for understanding, healing, and renewed connection.

I’m Kendra Capalbo. Allow me to be help you during this diffcult time.

My Expertise: Your Guide Through the Storm

Here’s the thing: Not every therapist truly understands the intricacies of affair recovery. But with great experience, I stand uniquely qualified. Here’s what sets my approach apart:

  • Depth of Experience: Many therapists offer couples therapy, but not all truly specialize in it. I’ve encountered countless scenarios, navigated diverse challenges, and have consistently emerged with couples finding newfound understanding.
  • Up-to-Date Knowledge: My commitment to staying updated means that you benefit from the most contemporary strategies. Through regular trainings and workshops, my expertise remains razor-sharp, ensuring you get the very best.
  • A Spectrum of Understanding: From the emotionally open to the staunchly skeptical about therapy, I’ve worked with a myriad of personalities. This breadth of interaction equips me to bridge the most challenging communication gaps between partners.

Infidelity shatters trust. Yet, with the right guidance, it’s possible to navigate:

  • Understanding the Affair: Here, we’ll confront the pain, seek answers, and build a platform for healing.
  • Unraveling Root Causes: We dive deep, seeking out the underlying issues, ensuring that the recovery is holistic and profound.
  • Crafting a Renewed Connection: Armed with insights and renewed commitment, we embark on the journey of rekindling trust and rediscovering intimacy.

Your relationship deserves the utmost care, especially now. My therapeutic sessions provide that sanctuary—a place of safety, understanding, and unfiltered communication.

Comfort, Connection, and Clarity

Therapy, in my eyes, isn’t just about healing—it’s about feeling truly seen, heard, and valued. Picture this: Sharing, understanding, and healing from the comfort of your home, with the gentle ambiance you’ve crafted for yourself, perhaps with a beloved pet by your side. That’s the ambiance we’ll foster, ensuring that as you navigate emotional intricacies, you’re physically grounded and comfortable.

Infidelity might be a daunting hurdle, but it can also mark a new chapter—a chapter of profound understanding and deeper connection. There’s a brighter horizon, and together, we’ll find it.

Your Next Step:

A no-obligation consultation awaits—a space to truly be understood. Let’s discuss the path forward, uniquely tailored for your journey. Reach out, and let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

With warmth, understanding, and unwavering commitment,

Kendra Capalbo, LICSW

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My initial consultations are at no charge or obligation. I carry a smaller caseload, am well-certified and trained, and offer the couples I work with more availability, accessibility, and flexibility. As a result, my fee per 90-minute session is $750. Please note that I do not accept insurance.

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