A Little About Me: The Therapist Behind the Transformation

Hi, my name is Kendra Capalbo. You’re here because you seek understanding, harmony, and love in your relationship. But who am I, how can I help, and why should you make an investment in your relationship by hiring me?

Qualification Beyond Credentials

With great experience in clinical therapy, I am more than just the certificates hanging on my wall. I stay on the cutting edge of therapeutic evolution, and ensure my techniques remain advanced, frequently particpating in workshops and trainings.

A Bit On My Personality Traits

My strength lies in the fact that I can be profoundly emotional but at the same time am analytically inclined. I can work with people who are skeptical about therapy, and with those bearing the weight of insecurities masked by narcissism.

The Path to Mutual Language

My expertise lies in harmonizing the communciation process between you and that special person. Often, rifts widen when partners “speak” different emotional languages. My ability to bridge these gaps and make communication fluid, fosters understanding, and breaks apart repetitive negative patterns.

Your Sanctuary of Safety

With me, therapy transitions beyond traditional settings. I appreciate the sanctity of your time, privacy, and comfort. Where better to unravel, understand, and heal than your familiar space, amidst cherished mementos and maybe your dog or cat? The safety of your environment, coupled with the emotional safety I will cultivate, sets the stage for genuine breakthroughs.

Commitment & Passion: My Cornerstones

Clients often find themselves drawn to my unbridled passion for couples therapy. Many might find the process taxing. For me, it’s invigorating. Witnessing pain, cradling hopes, and creating pathways back to love isn’t just a profession — it’s my calling.

Delving Deeper

Your relationship’s health reverberates through every facet of your life. With me, the emphasis isn’t just on healing—it’s about maximizing the positive effects therapy can have to make the relationship more than it ever was. With this commitment, paired with your willingness, we can together make all the difference in the world.

My Credentials

  • BA from Boston University – 1998
  • Peace Corps – Kingston, Jamaica – 1998-1999
  • MSW from University of Denver – 2003
  • The Gottman Method – Completed Level 3 as well as workshop trainings
  • The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work and Bringing Baby Home
  • Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy – Completed Externship and Core Skills Training
  • Certified AANE Neurodiverse Couples Therapist
  • Certification in Consensual Non-Monogamy
  • Sex therapist – Sexual Health Alliance Sex Therapy Training Program

A Bit More About Me….

I don’t take lightly the importance of what we do when we meet.

Our romantic relationships are the nucleus of our lives – and when they’re healthy, the positive impact permeates every other area. Likewise, when we’re struggling in that relationship, the negative current impacts everything else, including work and our children.

Couples therapy is an investment in your relationship – and future. This investment is far more important than that made for a wedding day, a vacation, or a house. What good is any of that if the relationship falls apart?

It may be the last attempt at saving your relationship, and I‘m humbled by your willingness to invite me into that experience.

I will always give you the best of me. I’ll work hard – even when you’re exhausted and don’t know if you can do it anymore.

Couples therapy can be difficult, but my goal is always to make it as easy as possible. Even when I am direct, I’ll always hold your relationship with compassion and empathy and when appropriate, I will use humor to lighten the mood.

Going to couples therapy can feel scary. I recognize that.

I understand the nervousness – the fear that you’ll be judged – or that it won’t work. I know you may worry it will lead to more conflict as you – and your partner – share your deeper truths.

I relate to all of these feelings because I, too, have gone to couples therapy. I’m biased, but I believe everyone can benefit from it. And, for me, it had a positive impact on my relationship with my husband.

One reason my experience was so positive was that I knew what to look for. I was aware that many therapists who offer couples therapy have not had any specified training in it. I knew to look for someone who had sought it out on their own, and I looked for someone with training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).

I have heard countless stories from clients who have had negative experiences with couples therapy in the past. It’s blatantly obvious as they speak that it failed because the clinician was trying to do individual therapy with two people in the room – instead of couples therapy. Rookie mistake.

I can’t stress enough how much this is a pet peeve of mine. As I began developing more of an interest in couples therapy, I made sure to seek out as much training as I could find. I completed my bachelor’s degree at Boston University and earned my master’s from the University of Denver. But my training in couples therapy did not happen at either of those schools, as is typical for most programs other than those for Marriage and Family Therapy. I dipped my toes into couples therapy through a program at the Denver Family Institute while I was in graduate school and I was hooked. But I knew that brief introduction in no way made me competent. As a result, I’m constantly putting forth the effort to continue my education and training – to serve you better.

I have extensive training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), the Gottman Method, Sex Therapy and Discernment Counseling. I have also completed numerous trainings with Esther Perel, Dan Wile, Barry McCarthy, and many others. I’ve attended couples therapy seminars through Harvard University, am certified by the AANE as a Neurodiverse Couples therapist and am certified by the Sexual Health Alliance as a Consensual Non-Monogamy therapist.

Previous clients have stated that at the end of therapy with me they have greater intimacy and connectedness in their relationship and are better able to manage conflicts when they arise.

This has also been my personal experience as a client.

I often hear from couples long after they’ve finished with me stating how much closer they feel after therapy, closer in fact than they did at any other time in their relationship.

This can be true of your relationship, too!

Reach out now by calling me at (774) 219-0943. We can begin the process of creating your success story together.

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The entire focus of my practice is working with couples. It is my passion and as such, I have sought out extensive training specifically focused on couples therapy and continue to do so. I carry a smaller caseload and offer the couples I work with more availability, accessibility, and flexibility than is typical with most therapy practices. As a result, the investment is $750 per 90-minute session. Please note that I do not accept insurance.

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