Rediscover Your Partnership’s Potential

In my 20 years of clinical experience, I have seen how high-achieving couples can drift apart amid the relentless demands of careers, family obligations, and evolving priorities. If your relationship has become mundane or emotionally distant, please know you are not alone. Reigniting your bond is absolutely achievable.

As a highly accredited therapist with advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Gottman Method, I specialize in helping discerning couples like yourselves rediscover true intimacy. My clients are prominent physicians, executives, and attorneys who value emotional depth in their marriage and are ready to prioritize their partnership.

With insight and proven techniques, we will:

  • Pinpoint where and how emotional distance crept into your connection, and compassionately unpack old hurts that may linger
  • Facilitate brutally honest, yet empathic dialogue, to surface deep-seated fears or resentments that have damaged trust and affection
  • Use science-backed modalities like EFT and the Gottman Method to foster understanding, heal attachment ruptures, and constructively manage conflict
  • Create new patterns of interaction that nourish lasting friendship, passion, and mutual support

My approach entails rigorous self-examination, vulnerability, and responding to each other’s core attachment needs.

Together we will unravel engrained behaviors that block intimacy and reconnect with your foundations of trust, joy and mutual respect. The work requires courage, but the rewards are profound.

With persistence and care, I can help you achieve:

  • Regular open communication free of blame and judgment
  • The ability to offer emotional support when your partner feels most vulnerable
  • Renewed passion and satisfaction in your intimate life
  • A sense of meaning and shared purpose in your marriage

Don’t wait. Invest in reviving your most cherished relationship. Contact my practice today to schedule a complimentary introductory call.

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My initial consultations are at no charge or obligation. I carry a smaller caseload and offer the couples I work with more availability, accessibility, and flexibility. As a result, my fee per 90-minute session is $750. Please note that I do not accept insurance.

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