Elite, High-End Couples Therapy Fee

My fee for couples therapy is $750 per 90-minute session, which differs from traditional therapy as it permits for longer sessions as needed and the convenience of flexible session times to include early morning, late night and weekend availability.


I do not accept insurance and it is unlikely you would be reimbursed based on the way that I code. Therapists who have success with insurance companies code in a way that requires them to diagnosis one partner and suggests they are treating that diagnosis during couples therapy. That does not feel true to how my methodology works. The code I use is V-61.1, “Counseling for Marital and Partner Problems”, which is typically not deemed medically necessary by the insurance companies. However, I am able to accept payment through FSA and HSA accounts. If you or your partner has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, please reach out for more information, as this may not apply to you.