Warren H.

I was ready to move out and split all assets with my wife. My children asked through my wife to consider going to counseling. I eventually relented and began to research therapists and techniques. I became convinced that if I was going to go through the time and expense of counseling it needed to be a therapist the specifically dealt with couples and used the Gottman technique. Eventually narrowed it down to two, Kendra and Dr. X (not named to be fair). Dr. X had plush office, tight booking schedule, fairly narrow regimentation and appeared to be very successful at what he does. Kendra’s office was sparse and small, a reasonable flexible schedule and indicated flexibility within reason. Kendra said she was glad I was “interviewing” therapists recognizing the need to be open and comfortable. She also did not charge for the initial visit. After back and forth discussion with my wife we decided on Kendra. She worked with us for a couple of months getting to the roots of our problems and help us to be able to communicate with each other. The result is we have not been this happy together in over twenty years. Still a work in progress but certainly heading in the right direction. Bottom line is I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kendra if you are seeking to repair a broken marriage. Does this mean she went easy on me? No, she was fair and unbiased. She picked up on underlying issues and allowed us to work them out.

warren h


Caroline B.

In short, I can’t recommend Kendra enough and she’s improved my marriage and myself in more ways than I ever thought possible. Kendra is incredibly professional, compassionate, and intuitive. I’ve been seeing her with my husband for over a year now, and we want to keep Kendra as a part of our life as long as possible. We’d been together for about 9 years (married for 5) when we decided to seek some support. Personally, we were seeking better ways to communicate with each other, and didn’t understand how sometimes (despite our best intentions) we ended up missing the mark (offending each other, going to bed angry or confused). We’ve learned the tools to reframe how we think about communication and our relationship, and also so much more. Kendra is a strong couples therapist, not only for her incredible knowledge and experience in the subject, but also her ability to mold the sessions depending on what needs attention. We’ve worked through various crises together (personal, professional, and existential), and more mundane disagreements about chores. Big and small, Kendra is truly talented at working any issues we’ve had. Couples therapy is really hard. It’s hard (for me at least) to admit and ask for help. Sometimes, I feel emotionally drained after a session. But I know the support and therapy Kendra has provided has made my life and my relationship better. Every session, I feel like I become a better person and that is truly priceless. We consistently say it’s the best thing we’ve ever done.

Caroline B


Michelle J.

I have been seeing Kendra for quite some time now… what I love most about Kendra is that she is “real”… she tells you like it is and she gives you things to work on and it’s up to us to do the work… I have seen many therapists in my past and she is by far the best one I’ve ever came across… Kendra thank you for making ME see the light at the end of the tunnel again… couldn’t have done it without your guidance!❤️

Michelle J


L. C.

Kendra is hands down the best therapist that I’ve ever had (okay I’ve only had three, but she was the best – far and away). My partner and I worked through some communication issues with her and our time with her was truly a joy. She helped us learn to communicate better, repair damage after a fight, and made sure that we were keeping our “love tanks” full. I highly recommend Kendra as a couples therapist.



M. B.

Kendra was prompt to get back to me as soon as I reached out inquiring about couple’s therapy. She is upfront with her pricing and methods. She is so helpful, knowledgeable and a great person to work with. I highly recommend Kendra to anyone considering couples therapy!



Stephanie N.

Kendra has helped us tremendously. She pointed out where we weren’t communicating well, giving us tips along the way. We slowly made improvements. After a few months, we went from many tears and lots of frustration, to laughter and finding the relationship we had from the years early on in our relationship. I highly recommend Kendra as a couples therapist. She is wonderful, down to earth, intelligent and very talented.

Stephanie n