Addressing Sexual Issues?

Thank you for visiting my website. You can learn more about the Concierge Couples Counseling techniques I use.

Below is a list of some of the issues that I am comfortable working with in terms of how they impact your relationship. In addition to issues related to betrayal and cheating, issues of a sexual nature are what I help clients on most often.

Please note that I do not offer individual therapy.

· Kink and BDSM/Fetishes
· Polyamory, consensual non-monogamy, open relationships, swinging
· Enhancing sexual intimacy through emotional connection
· Excessive Pornography Usage
· Sex Addiction/Out of Control Sexual Behaviors (OCSB)
· Mismatched sexual desire/libido
· Changes in sexual desire/libido
· Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation Issues
· Male and female sexual dysfunction issues
· Communication around sexual needs and desires

Being able to communicate openly about sex is one of the most important keys to a satisfying, healthy sexual relationship. My goal is to help you feel as comfortable talking about all things related to sex as you are talking about the weather.